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What is that actually?





  • A holiday or celebration honoring one or more early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine.
  • An occasion in which lovers expressed their love to each other.
  • Google it for more information.

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day. Instead of having no one to celebrate with, my religion also not encourage me to celebrate this day. Nothing is special either. Furthermore, I am also not interested at all to take part in any kind of celebrations.


To be more frank, I don’t understand why the Valentine must exist? If you said February 14th is a day to show your love and gratitude to your loved one, so what about the rest of the days you’ve been through together? Days to take for granted?

Maybe I don’t have someone special at the moment. And maybe it will be a different story if I have one. But I still believe that I will never celebrate this day because I think it is just wasting my time and money. Like seriously, do we have to celebrate this day?

What women love the most when it comes to Valentines; flowers and chocolates. I never heard a couple give a BMW as a Valentine’s gift. But seriously, you don’t have to buy an expensive gift on this Valentine’s day. Roses are enough to show your love. I think rose is a symbol of love. Is it true?


Well, there’s something I would like to share with you here. The meaning of the numbers of roses.

1 Rose

Love at the first sight. The single rose, whatever its color, depicts utmost devotion to a single person. “All my deepest affections are concentrated in you“.

2 Roses

Mutual feelings, especially if they are red in color speak of two people who are deeply in love and together form their own happy little world.

3 Roses

Stand for the three words in “I Love You“, and seek to convey this very simple yet powerful message

5 Roses

I love you very much

6 Roses

I love you, I miss you. Speak of tthe need to be loved and cherished.

7 Roses

I’m infatuated with you

9 Roses

Together as long as we live

10 Roses

You are pretty

11 Roses

You’re my treasured one. To assure someone that he or she is truly and deeply loved.

12 Roses

Be my steady

13 Roses

Forever friends. Also indicate that there is a secret admirer waiting to be discovered.

15 Roses

I’m really sorry

20 Roses

I’m sincere towards you

21 Roses

I’m committed to you

24 Roses

You’re always on my mind. Stand for the twenty-four hours of the day, and say that the loved one is thought of during every hour of the day.

36 Roses

I’ll remember our romantic moments. Speak of a romantic attachment

40 Roses

My love is genuine

44 Roses

Pledge a constant and an unchanging love.

50 Roses

Signify a love that has ripened well, and has never been regretted.

99 Roses

I’ll love you till the day I die

100 Roses

I’m totally devoted to you. Signify a happy union of two loving souls till death or till a hundred years.

101 Roses

You’re my one and only

108 Roses

Will you marry me?

365 Roses

I love you every single day. Speak of a love that has remained constant and true throughout the year

999 Roses

My love will last till the end of time

1001 Roses

Speak of a faithful love that will live on forever.


To me, sincerely, I am waiting for the 101 and 1001 roses. (*____*) Bukan nak mengada. hehe.