The moment at the sea. The moment wearing Bravo. The moment you feel your skin is totally burnt. The moment you start to appreciate the beautiful sky and the deep blue sea. The moment you never wish to take a picture of yourself, with that annoying skin.

But I was so lucky being awarded this golden opportunity to go for a sail. A short trip with thousand memories. Here are some pictures to share with you peeps!

It was a sunny day and I almost die due to dehydrated. Malaysia is so hot! But we have the coolest sea and island ever, except the weather. Luckily they sell beverages on the ship. No I’m not kidding!

1) Pepsi is my favorite soft drink. I prefer Pepsi rather than Coke.

2) 100 plus. Start to fall in love with 100 plus after joining the navy training. It is the best isotonic sport drink ever.

3) Ice Lemon Tea. I always and forever love this drink. I used to love it since I think diet and weight lost is rigid. (P/S: My diet plan never work out)


With my division mates. I totally missed them, so much. I missed every single moment when we freaking teasing each other. Ha Ha Ha.





Ignore my sick skin. I am home now, so don’t worry my deary skin. I will surely give you a good food and enough rest. Please have a speedy recovery, my dear skin. Because I really need you to glow up next two weeks. The grand dinner is just around the corner, so better don’t mess up with me haaa.