I don’t know how to start a love letter to a special someone especially to a mom who always open my blog. I know I will be very shy after I re-read this entry again and again after this. So jiwang.

Today is February 12th. A special date to me as today is my mom’s birthday.

When I was a young girl, I was known as a spoiled daughter. Many friends of mine already know how much I manja with my mom. Actually I am not that too spoiled, it’s just my mom who don’t really trust me. I think so.

Now I am a big girl. I think I can do anything I want as I am 21 years old. I deserve to go out and challenge myself and learn about a real life outside. But guess what my mom’s said to me? “Tell me if you want to go outside your university. Even to Changloon. Much better if you don’t go anywhere.”  And I was like….what?!

Just so you know, I am a big girl now. But I will never remove you from my prioritize list. I always need you in my life. Your opinion always needed. But please allow me to have fun with my girls. We will never cross the limit, Inshaallah.

Mom, to me you are the best. You gave me life and all the rest. You’re getting older, but you’re still the same. The same way as you are. Your love and kindness never fade away.

I wrote this poem, thinking of you. Just remember, as you get older, I do too. So don’t be ashamed that you’re 44. I’m sure on my birthday, you’ll be thinking of me too!


For nine months, I was just a part of you,

Little by little, I grew inside of you.

The morning sickness you didn’t really mind,

Cause from day one you are already kind.


When my life is dark, you serve as my light,

When I am sad, you always hug me tight.

When I was inside of you, in me, you already believe,

You sacrifice a lot just to let me live.


I hope when it’s my turn to become a mom,

I can achieve at least half of what you’ve done,

Cause you did not just give me a life,

You also taught me to fight my own strife.



Happy birthday Ummi. You’re the one and only idol that I have. You’re so strong, so brave and so tough. I wish that I can have part of your energy and spirit inside me. Always remember that I love you and always think of you in every decision I make in my life. When I didn’t call you for a week, it doesn’t mean I forget you. It’s just I’m out of credit. =)


With lots of love,