Everyone has problems including me. Other than dramas that people create on my facebook, I also encountered a big problem, really big one as big as parachute. I gained weight!

Increasing money is a pleasure but increasing kilos is a disaster. Last few weeks, I gained three kilos and that is sincerely unacceptable! But now, since I’m home, I think I get extra few more kilos. I feel so heavy now, like seriously!

I want to jog. I told everyone at home I need exercise. And everyone was like “You’re tiny enough.  Buat apa nak jogging? You don’t need it…” And I was like “My tummy bloated and I can’t breath well, and can’t even wearing jeans and I feel like carrying a baby inside and why you can’t see that?


Other than that, I need stamina. Next week is going to be a painful week ever. I need to further my military training and it’s totally freaking me out. I gained weight, I don’t have stamina…how I can be so sure that I can come back home safely. I think I will die…Oh so celupar.

So here are some things that I think it might help me to reduce a bit kilos…or grams…

– don’t eat sweets 

– do exercise a lot 

– don’t drink soda or any sweet drink, simply drink plain water 

– stop taking fast food 

– stop eating anything with sugar and salt 


I will do all of the above starting tomorrow. We’ll see. I suppose to do all that a month before I go to my annual continuous training, not tomorrow. Shame on me. But nothing is too late to begin with. -__-

Nevermind. I also need to cut off my unnecessary shape for my grand dinner’s dress. I can’t look like a dolphin stuck in a fabric! No way.