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Officially home, means officially lazy-time-with-no-hard-feeling.

I have nothing much to do at home. Not to mention doing a housework, my grandmother always named me as a lazy grandchild, perhaps the most! But nevermind as long as I’m happy, they’ll be happy too. -__-

I just came back from the university and I bring all my stuffs, not even tiny pieces of things left in my hostel. I bring it all. Seriously man. And my stuffs are fully occupied in car, totally packed. I sit at the back and it’s only tiny space for me to squeeze into the car and breath. Yes, I survived!

I now have to worry on how to put all the things into my room. Like I told ya, pinky minky room. I act like I have 7 months holiday, in fact I only able to cherish 7 days at home before I go to Annual Continuous Training. *Navy things, you wouldn’t know how*


Junior Army: Maam, are you in a final semester?

Me: Nope. Why?

Junior Army: You look like one.


Mom: Ohhhh! ONLY this things you’ll bring back home?

Me: Yeah… Only this things.

Mom: We should bring a lorry next time.


Grandma: Tudiaaa.. Her stuffs is fully occupied half of the house. 

Me: Hehe. 


Uncle: Finish university? Wow, so fast! 

Me: Nope. It’s mid-semester holiday.

Uncle: How long?

Me: Around 7 days.

Uncle: Whattttt? Thought you’ll come back forever!


The tissue boxes are actually empty…But I kinda have a heavy heart to throw it away because the Vintage limited edition boxes are just way too adorable to be ignored. And there are some of my shoes; flats, heels, super heels, boots, wedges and sport shoes. I bring it all back to the house even though I’m sure I will not wearing all that in 7 days especially those sport shoes.  -__- I kind of hating it. But mom promised me to go to recreation park, bring my grandma too…accompany me jogging and get back my fitness before I go for the training.

Unwashed clothes are there too.


I know many of you already have a great stunning awesomest plan in the world to spend the holiday. In my case, I have no choice. The Navy training and also preparation for Ladies Guest Night really made my life…suffering.

Anyways, I wish all of you a happy semester break and enjoy it to the max! Take care of yourself and dont do anything harm okay? Peace out.