What kind of viewers I have?

1) My family

Like seriously, mom is the biggest fan of mine. She will follow my updates and if my blog is freezing for a long time, she will give me a call and asking when is my new entry will be posted? She’ll call me whenever she has argument, not satisfied or still questioning anything related to my post. That’s my mom.


2) My friends

My close friends and casual friends read my blog, I know. They’ll not leaving any footstep here but whenever I meet them, they’ll say “Aha, I see that from your blog!” They will usually follow my updates in silence, and they’re freaking me out and make me blushing when they bragging things that I posted on my blog when they meet me in person. Malu la.


3) My international clicks

I have many clicks from all over the world with different walks of life. From amateur international models, professional makeup artists, business women, lecturers, politicians, journalists, until a successful housewife. Most of them read my blogs. They’re actually my friends, hehe. So don’t misunderstand that an international model read my blog like I’m Paris Hilton or something. Did Paris has a blog, btw?


4) Strangers

Some people which I barely know in my real life but accidentally passing by my blog and be my readers in silence. I am so glad if you really do like my blog. BTW, I have one post in Malay language but my mom think my Malay is sucks. So she asked me to switch to English, back to normal.


I don’t have blogwalking reader.

Hey, blogwalking here. Visit me back!