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So finally I feel like I am a grow up girl woman. Officially I am a woman but not act like one before. And at last, everything is on their place and so manageable. What I mean here is my room. My tiny room in my campus.

I get the housework done. I clean my room today and reorganize stuff in the closet, and get the shoes back into the box. Also, I finally touch the lecture notes that I printed out few months ago and books “Oh heeeey. Long time no touch ya” . Me sucks big times, I know.

Like seriously, when you clean your room and reorganize your stuffs, throwing the unused goods, wiping the dusty chair and desk, sweep the floor and the wall, do laundry and get back the make up into the right box…you’ll feel something different. It’s like you get a new inspiration, new mood to start a new life, and most importantly is the new fresh air.

Actually that’s my very best way and absolutely free of charge to get unwind. There’s many other cool things that we can do to get rid of the stress away from our life other than cleaning such as :


1) Salon

Go to salon and cut your hair, do digital perm or rebonding. It’ll definitely work because whenever you change your appearance, you’ll have the power to start a new life. JUST washing your hair, it doesn’t work. Trust me.



2) Shopping

What is better than shopping? When you buy new goods, it can give you the best pleasure on earth. The smell of the new heels coming out from the store, the silky touch of new scarf, the fluffy fabric of the new dress, the sense of a new fashion…Really it will affect your life, even not for a long term. -__-




3)  Vacation

Having a nice trip to some beautiful islands will be awesome for you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Sitting on the beach, enjoy the breeze, witnessing the sunset and the dancing coconut trees near the beach hello-ing you. Believe me that will be the most beautiful moment and full of tenacity. Take my words, that’ll the best place to get some inspirations and spark up your mood.



4) Redecorate

Sometimes, you have to redecorate something in your life. For instance, design a new style for your room, or maybe your wardrobe. For your room, maybe you can rearrange the position of the furniture and about the wardrobe, upgrade it with a new stuffs. (Refer to tips number 2)



5) Format your laptop

Another thing that really works for me when I want to start a new page of my life is by reformatting my laptop. Hehe I know it sounds silly but it really works for me. When everything is being cleaned from my files, I feel like “Yes, it’s the time to put a new one. A NEW ONE.” Thats the same feeling when I have a new facebook account. The feeling when you register your new account and you feel like you must be very picky in selection about your friendlist.



So that’s some of the ways that I might do and already did to escape from troubles of my life. It’s not easy to forget, but it’s easier to escape even just for a minute. By doing these things, I really can create my own private territory and just live my life to the fullest, without annoys others. 🙂


In case if you miss me.