So my friends are spreading news about one asshole who talk shits about PALAPES.

menatang bodoh apakah pepagi buta hari jumaat dan sabtu berjalan ramai-ramai sambil hentak kaki?
Jawapannya itulah kawan aku!!budak palapes. WAKAKAKAKAKAKA….!!!
ok la aku kagum la niat murni korang nak mempertahankan negara.
Ok la,Even though you like a dog,that’s no reason to say such awful things to you. EKEKEKEKEKEKE…….!!

I don’t even have a chance to check out the blog and today, I feel so high to dig the story down but sadly the bullshit post is no longer exist. I don’t understand why a low minded jackass like that can register in this university. Maybe that is his freaking luck jackass.

Regarding to his monkey ass post to PALAPES, so here I am returning the bullshit post to you muthafkr, a guy who is communicating through his ass. Swallow this shit, pig.


Dear Pig,

Thank you for such a wonderful title you give to us. It means a lot and we really appreciate it. I don’t know why you are so envy and backbiting us like this. Maybe you’re just jealous because we have a nice uniform and it’s expensive by the way. You couldn’t afford it with your page views’s clicks from your blog either.

You call us dogs. So now go and look at the mirror. Go to google and type PIG and enter. Now, compare yourself with the picture you get from Google. Totally look like you, son of a bitc**! I don’t know if you are a psychotic or moron, but both suit you well.

In your latest post, you create a drama and act like many people hates you while you’re being such an innocent guy. Ha Ha Ha. We really do hate you, loser! And you said people that showed the hatred to you just has a tiny courage and appear as annonymous aka annoyingmouse. Hello!!! Don’t forget that you are a pig, asshole!

Aha, newbie? That’s why you’re craving of fu**ing attention. An amateur who’s just learn to step up. Big clap for you, yaay. So this is the only method for you to get fame? KIDDO. By putting other people’s dignity down to the ground and you put your big nose up in the air, feeling proud? Screw you, bimbo.

So you warn us if we can’t digest your bullshit entry, we can try to swallow the text books. No worry babi baby. We have knowledge overloads. We’re cool that way, not like you, ghetto man. Now it’s your turn to swallow my words. It’s all yours. If you can’t take it, just go dig a hole and bury yourself there. Safe way to hell, okay.

And you did said we are condemning you. Actually who started it first? Why you’re such a forgetful bastard, retarded, not knowing of what the actual f**k you’re doing especially when you mess with the best team. You’re someone of low intelligence, a quality that a pig has.

Last but not least, you are a truly asshole and proud.

The worst kind of person. You cannot fully construct a meaning that fully encompasses what this vicious insult means. If you’re an asshole, you are disgusting, loathesome, vile, distasteful, wrathful, belligerent, agoraphobic, and more. Assholes are human fecal matter. They are the lowest of the low. They transcend all forms of immorality. It is the very worst of insults; to be called an asshole is to have your very soul ripped apart and shat on. I say that the word “asshole” is the worst cussword of the English language, worst than fuck, shit, and cunt combined.




  • To my family and friends who read this, it’s not a huge affair. So stay calm and peace out. I said bad words because the people that I refer to is really deserve it, more than you can imagine.
  • I think twice before I write everything in this post. I know what I’m doing and you don’t know what I am capable of doing.