You are a woman when you are able to clean and maintain the cleanliness of your room. And you are a man when your room is like replication of a cave.


So I think I am a man … so masculine 🙂

Cleaning consume too much of your time, isn’t? For my case, I waste one hour for cleaning and just only one minute of crap for destroying. Seriously. So I wonder how to maintain a clean and neat room because I see many other girls are capable of doing that and why not me?

So here are some tips for ladies out there. And what you need are…

  1. Organizational drawer
  2. Make up containers
  3. Shelves
  4. Hangers
  5. Laundry basket
  6. Rubbish bin

What you have to do?

  1. Keep everything in its original place every time after use.
  2. Don’t throw away your clothes on the floor. Either hang it or put it in the laundry bin.
  3. Arrange your dress neatly according to color, occasion, type etc.
  4. Wipe your shoes monthly.
  5. Clean your make up brushes weekly.
  6. Sweep the floor everyday or twice.
  7. Every month, do a deep clean like mopping, wipe the windows, furniture, fans etc.

It is very simple to do all that and it is not time consuming. InshaAllah if you get this habit, you will never have to do extra works for your room every month. This is the fastest and simplest ways to clean up your room and maintain it with a minimal effort.