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I am in the state of struggling to death, playing.

January is a final exam month and so we are preparing for the examination like crazy. My advice is never postpone your work and never skip class. If you do, never regret. -__-

I am the one who is always working in the last minute, like seriously, it’s more fun and challenging. Moreover, I am the one who has a low power of focus level. I can concentrate and put all my efforts in the first five minutes and I will lost to another world after that.

So that’s the biggest reason why I don’t study earlier as the adrenaline hormone is not being secreted yet, so I have no worry about everything. And, one day before the examination, I will start giggling and struggling to death…


I burn the midnight oil, I take caffeine a lot, my wardrobe is like a thunder, my room is like a victim of tsunami and most worst, my brain is like a tornado. I just can’t think of anything else…except examination.

Another biggest problem is whenever I open the book, my tummy will cry for sympathy. And whenever I fulfill her desires with good foods, my eyes asking me for pamper and rest. Seriously??? When my BRAIN and HEART will call me to go study???!