So today is January 2nd and I feel so relax and calm *even though there’s only one day to go before my final exam, Microeconomy, hey, be nice to me okay* About my preparation, I don’t make any solid preparation yet. Inshallah it will be a zamrud preparation tomorrow. A final kick.

New Year is something ‘nothing’ to me as I don’t celebrate it or maybe never. I did witness many kind of celebration with the firework and stuffs but today, I feel so back to 20’s as I just realize how important and how big the new year is.

So here are some photos from NYE around the world.

There are so many interesting and amazing place with fireworks if you are so rajin to google it. Hearing the crowds make a countdown for 2012 really cracking your nerve and make your heart beating hilariously fast like you’re waiting an alien to step on earth.













The whole world kicking and screaming to welcome the 2012 and I also making a countdown.

1 page,

2 page,

3 page,

4 page,

5 page and half…


Close the book.


So those who are already have fun celebrating the new year segala bagai with the fireworks, I hope you can really achieve what you’ve been dreaming for. Anyways, may 2012 bring you thousands of happiness, prosperity and …. what do you want? LUCKS maybe. Especially to a people like me who depends on lucks so much. For instance, I have exam and still don’t cover the whole syllabus yet…So LUCKS is the only thing I’ve been dreaming for.

Hot chocolate, anyone?