New Year, New Book.

So this is the time for us to open to a new leaf and start with a new beginning, an interesting start up. Fort this year, I sill have many more to achieve and my last year resolution is also not fully achieved.

1) Be a good person and less speak nonsense.

2) More knowledgeable and professional in handling problems.

3) Don’t skip class too much, I mean TOO MUCH.

4) Will try my best to do assignment using my brain, not wikipedia.

5) Taking care of my health, and drink more plain water.

6) Can take junk foods or any favorite foods once per week. The rest must be a healthy food…and vege.

7) Recite Al-Mulk before go to bed. Recite Yasin every Friday night. Pray tahajjud at least, AT LEAST, once per week or month.

8) New wishlist: A bicycle to go to mosque in university, 20 official outfit, 10 casual outfit, 5 pairs of shoes and 20 new hijabs. hehe.

9) According to mum, I must start looking for a good man for my future and she asked me to stick with him. So…..

10) Go to vacation with my navy girls, I mean anywhere…

11) Try to keep in touch with my sisters in facebook, following their updates and sharing knowledge about Islam, hijabi fashion, make up, new recipes, and tips to survive.

12) Focusing on my study and less play.

13) Start to build a career.

14) Upgrading fitness for a senior year in Navy.

15) Grow up and learn about life, I can mock if I want, I can curse if needed, BUT never start betraying people and always be good to all.

16) Stay humble and never be a duck nose-in-the-air girl. Know my roots and be proud always.

17) LULUS RENANG! Pass the swimming test.

18) Make sure I grab 80% for my carry marks.

19) Don’t be a lazy swan. Room always neat, book always read.

20) Maintain the coolness overload title. 8)

21) More friends, less enemy.