So I officially have two facebook accounts. One is my old account which is consist of my family, friends from high school, college, university and international friends. The other one is restricted for girls only.

What the heck motive I’m doing all these?

I have some troubles from my old account, which the main cause is I’m sick with the fake people. Firstly, a fake boy using a girl’s picture and pretend to be a sister. Yuckss. Secondly, a girl that backstabbing me and stealing my picture and create another account and suka hati give me a name MIMI. Bungeks. Thirdly, many guys commenting on my pictures rather than girls. So that I feel a bit bitchy.

So, I made a new profile for girls only so that I can freely to post my pictures. Private and confidential. I am more careful to add or approve any sister from my new account. I only add girls I know in my real life and girls I trust with. Note that I don’t approve girls with many mutual friends just like that so don’t try this at home.

But I know how’s the girls’ feeling when they must having my two account in their facebook because it is just like a mess. Either I delete them from my old account or making some interesting way to handle things out.

The decision has been made. For the old account, I will upload things about motivation, religion, and other stuffs which is not too personal and suitable for women and men. And my facebook will be open to public so everyone can benefits from it. I can be glad as not many pictures of mine will be uploaded there.

For the new account, I will upload my pictures and talk about beauty, fashion, girls talk and tips to survive as a woman and everything related with women. Is it cool? Naaa don’t try to create new fake account to add me again. I’m not begging, I’m just warning  😉

I don’t like drama in my life. AND I’m not famous. When people creating a new account with my identity, that is not famous, that is a sabotage!