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Here is my new image.

A specky look.

You know my friends said I look like a grandmother with this specky look. And I kinda whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat????! But who cares? I think they look like a gay. hehe.

I feel weird to wear the glasses at first and I feel like something is blocking my view and my head is heavier than ever.

Wearing glasses really change your look. So do with wearing the lense.

To me, wearing lense is better because it didn’t increase my mass of my head. But it need extra care and bla bla bla which make it more complicated.

Advantage of wearing lens.

  • You can have seven colors of eyes every week.
  • It is not heavy.
  • You can have a super big eyes and make you look cuter.

Disadvantage of wearing lens.

  • Time consuming.
  • HYGIENE is highly required.
  • You can’t wear it for more than 8 hours.

About the glasses, it is cool. You will look great if the glasses really suits your face.

Advantage of wearing glasses.

  • It’s easy to wear. No need a hygiene hand, no need to wash it. Simple.
  • It don’t consume too much time to put it on.
  • You can wear it anywhere and anytime with no limit of hours.

Disadvantage of wearing glasses.

  •  It’s heavy and a bit uncomfortable especially for an amateur.
  •  It’s easy to lose in case if you’re such a forgetful and not manageable person like me.  ^___*

So some people really look good with the glasses on their face and some of them are not. No matter how it is, take care of your eyes very well. If anyone of you know how to reduce the power of my short-sightedness, kindly share please.