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Today is my extra pampering-self day. I sleep like panda and now I’m struggling to close my eyes at night. I really can’t sleep now. So instead of wasting times facebooking, I start to clean up my room and my wardrobe.

It is always not an easy things for a girl to clean her wardrobe, especially a girl who has such an unimportant make up overloads stuffs like me.

So this is a picture BEFORE I start refreshing my closet.



My black hijabs collection. I love black hijab because it’s easy to mix and match with any dress and any occasion.

And this is my colorful hijabs. This picture makes me realize that I don’t have orange, green, blue, yellow, brown any many more colors. A big loser again.

My favorite abaya. I always wear abaya to anywhere. People think that I am so religious by wearing this kind of clothes. But they don’t know the truth..the truth is I am so lazy to iron another dress.

Why I love abaya?

  • Because it is easy to wear.
  • It just take not more than 30 seconds to get into abaya.
  • Easy to walk and move.
  • So windy.
  • No need to iron.
  • Easy to match with any kind of hijab.
  • It’s covering my whole body and I feel safe.
In short, wearing abaya is so easy cheesy.

And here you go. After a bit of cleaning my closet. It’s way more better and neat. 🙂 But I can guarantee that it will be back to normal in not more than 10 minutes after I reopen the wardrobe again. -____-


I am a sporty and a booty at the same time hehe…

I hope I can maintain my neaty meaty closet. But I don’t know why I am so sure that tomorrow it will be gone. Tomorrow night, I have one dinner in my university and I am so sure my room is going to be like a place after the hurricane.