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Today, I do a cleaning activity in my room…and I finally realize it’s not easy to handle such things; reorganizing the closet, swapping the dusty floor, remove the dust all over the windows, and swipe the floor again.

Before this, I have such a big trouble with my white clothes. It contain a super stingy stain on it and I use like half bottle of the Dynamo to remove the stain but it didn’t work. I almost give up and seriously I’m about to pay my friend to wash the clothes for me.

After million of trials to remove the stain, I finally work it out with the help of clorox. At that time, I only think about my mom. I just realize that it’s not easy to do laundry and do housework. You can’t imagine how proud I am after I finally get back my clean white clothes. I don’t want to be so emotional but frankly, I cried.

Actually Im going to talk about my mom. I miss her so much. I really wanted to go back and meet my family but I always stuck up in this campus doing a silly activities. You know my life is a bit way too complicated, sigh.

My mom is a big fan of mine. She always open my blog and stalking me whether I have a new post or not. Before this, she told me to write in Malay. “Tulisla dalam bahasa Melayu sama” and you know I just can’t. My readers are not only from Malays who’s reading it, I also have some Arabs, American, and European’s friends who also keep on track of my blog.

So I give it a try to write in Malay. After my mom read it, she’s kinda “NO WAY. Go back and write in English…” I know I have no special ability to write in Malay as cool as I can do with my English. And don’t get offense when Im saying my English is cool and my Malay is bad. Actually I don’t even have any good skills to write in any language. -__-

My mom is also my best friend ever. I know I hardly tell her that because I malu la nak jiwang2 ngan mak I. hehe. But seriously, she is the only person who always standing behind my back, who always be there for me and she is willing to sacrifice everything for my sake.

If I have to answer who’s my idol, it’ll be definitely my mom. She’s my superwoman and sometimes I just can’t imagine how much energy she consumed per day. She do lots of works everyday and she looks so cool. Me is on the other hand. My grandma ask me to wash my own clothes, and I feel so bad. If I clean my own room in not more than 30 minutes, I will be like paralyze for the whole day and seriously my brain can’t work normally anymore after that.

But you know my grandma is more cool than anything. When she go to the kitchen, she will complain that she’s so weak and tired and tak larat anymore. But when my mom want to go out, my grandma also busy want to follow her. She said “Kalau tok keluar berjalan, tak apa la. Kalau duduk rumah, rasa penat sangat…” Logically, kalau tak larat, duduk rumah tengok TV and tidur. Hmmm.

Even I have a new little boy, I still believe that my mom loves me more than that little boy hehe. ^__* Maybe I perasan lebih, but that’s how I feel.

Ya Allah, I miss my mom very much.