When we already have a plan to do something, and something else come up like throwing a stone at you, like seriously you will feel very upset…and depressed.

Before this, I have an overload works and technically I don’t have weekend. All people will love their weekend like a fat girl lost 5 kg per week but I am on the other hand. It’s such a burden to me and finally the hard time is over. No more training.

Movie times, facebook times, girls time, swimming time cycling times….  Whenever see people passing by the road, greet them and say “Hi, what is your plan on this weekend? Me gonna watch 50 episodes of Korean series….(trying to tell them that we also have weekend now…blow nails) And no more sun-ass-burn. In less than three minutes of being in grace and feel blessed this earth is like only mine,,,

someone text me “We must gather at the headquarter on Friday

like whattheeeeeeee.

Officially my training is over. Thought it will be over for a while, and I can rockin’ my body and start accumulating fats again. But…it turns on the other way round.

I already plan to go back to my house. -___-

Can you imagine? I mean just imagine….imagine…imagine how my cloud dreams are broken like a glass. It’s like everything is gone with the wind. Seriously, damn!

Kbye you gay!