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Begin to impress from the first impression. 

Invitation card is a must in any form of festivities. Designing your own invitation cards is a delightful way to tell someone about the upcoming party. Definitely, any person who will receive it will be appreciative on the efforts you put to make it. Also, a well-designed invitation leaves an impression that the upcoming event would be great one. To achieve the same thing, consider following the ideas that are listed.

Let’s say if you receive this kind of invitation. What is your first impression? To me, if I receive something like this, my expectation is very very simple. As simple as this card. Maybe there’s a bit maruku and cordial…or maybe cupcakes as the main course!

So in order to melt people’s heart to attend your party, give them your best impression via invitation. Invitation play a vital role in any special occasion. It is like an important key to your door. So you must pay an equal attention as you handling the whole thing for your party.

Here are some delightful invitations that might change your guest’s mood.

1) Plain and simple invitation

2) Ribbon

3) Lace

As long as you know how to mix and match the color, your invitation cards will never go wrong with any style you choose.

Plain card is elegant and show the formalities of your event.

Ribbon boost up the level of glamorous and funky and determination…In case if you have pink ribbon, it’s enough to brag to others that you also support for breast cancer awareness. -___-


Lace will bring you back to the vintage era…and for your information, the art of lace may begun in the first half of 14th century in Flanders (between France and Belgium)

Tips before choose your invitation card:

1) Know what is actually your party’s theme.

2) Decide the theme color.

3) Choose the best style (ribbon, plain, lace, flower, vintage, etc) for your invitation card.

4) Know to whom you’re giving the invitation card.

5) Know how to blend your words and languages. Make it short, simple and clear.

6) Don’t blabbling too much. It’s enough to mention the date, day, time, location, your contact, response sheet, your event and theme if needed. You can add some more important detail and leave the unnecessary one such as “my favorite color is purple – in a hope that your guest will understand your hint for a purple gift.

7) Don’t demand too much. For example:-

Dear VIP, I hope you can come at 8 o’clock. Be on time please as the rest of the guests and also me will die in hunger waiting for you.

Dear guest, I hope you don’t bring your child with you as we already order just enough food, no extra. Hope you kindly understand our situation as we encountered with an enormous economy affairs.