Here are few ideas on the color scheme for any kind of special events.

1) Red and Aqua

This soft and bright color look so vibrant and I see it as a complementary for both color to blend well.

2) Cameo and Black

This combination is brilliant. The aura of elegance is really sparkling in both color. Black never goes wrong to match with any color but the addition of cameo make it more attracting and feminine.

3) Blue and Silver

This combination is just superb. It’s fresh, glamorous, and cool.

4) Lavender and Red

I can smell the lavender essence just by looking at this photo. The violet, pale purple and soft lavender are just nice. The presence of red really make it more alive and exquisite.

5) Navy and Pink

If you know how to mach the things well, then you will have no problem to play around with navy and pink. If you can match it well, then the world is in your hand. Naaa my words.

6) Honey and Wheat

Honey and wheat are just nice too. This nude color can bring your naturalness back to your life. Like seriously, I mean nude color is the best, simple and natural.

7) Emerald and Aqua

It does look like green but nope, it’s emerald. This color shows elegance (what is the best word after elegance cuz I use elegance thingy so frequent -__-) Emerald is a sister of diamond. So you know diamond is a girl’s best friend. Ten be dare to play around with diamond’s sister, emerald. The uniqueness is already there for you.

8 ) Purple and Brown

This mixture is so classic and appealing. Nice and fabulous. The photo will give you a thousand explanation.

9) Navy, Purple and Pink

This three colors are so cheerful and easy to mix and match.

10) Purple and Pink

Adding the white color as the theme color also a splendid well-blended idea.

So, what is your best stylish color for your special events?