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1 ) Food

Food is the best thing ever in my life. No matter how creepy my life is, food always be there to entertain me. I am not picky in my selection as long as it taste good, not too salty, not too sweet, not too spicy, not too hot, not too cold, not too…yeah, I’m a bit picky. A bit.


2 ) Sleep

Sleeping is my favorite quality time. I am kinda a busy student and my schedule sometimes is extremely packed especially when I undergo my half-military training. I have like million of things to be accomplished in a day. So when I have a spare time, I prefer to go to bed and have a romantic time with my blanket. I will ignore everything on earth and I even not replying any text or answer the phone. And now I am paying the risk, some of my friends ignore me doubles! -___-

3 ) Singing

I don’t have a good voice like Myriam Fares…but I do love to sing her songs. Her music is the best and very catchy. You know that you can’t resist to move on your body when listening to her songs or any Arabic song. I don’t go to club or any karaoke center, but I do have my own port to make my very own concert. Either in my room or in the shower room. Still I enjoy it a lot. Oh, sometime I realize that I am such a big disturbance in the shower room. I know I just distract people who’s working on the toilet bowl and making them giggling hard to push it out. They just can’t focus!


4 ) Swimming

Whenever I have a free time, I will drag or sometimes forcing my girls to accompany me to the pool. Swimming is one of my favorite sports because I don’t feel icky with the sweats like I do when I go for jog. Swimming is like a therapy to make you calm down and feel relax. It is also can help you to get a good contour for your body. Like seriously, when you go outside the pool, you’ll feel like your body is very light….and your tummy is so damn hungry.


5 ) Facebook

I don’t know why I am so addicted with this social network very much. It’s like a must thing to do in my daily life. A routine. Even though I know no one comment or send me message or anything, I still love to check my page. And sometimes I refreshing it three to four times to check whether there’s something new or not. Lame. But visiting friend’s page and look at the pictures or knowing their updates really make you feel closer to them. Thumbs up Facebook for upgrading people’s part-time job as a pro stalker.

6 ) Friendship bond time

Gathering with my friends is a precious moment to me. Yes we do live together, share the same block, same toilet, same cafe etc… but we are hardly can get along together. We have different schedules and activities, that makes us feel apart. But once in a while when we can hang out together, it is enough to tie up the bond. Sometimes if we’re too far to meet up, phone is the best way to secrete the hormone of “I missed you so muchhhhhhhh” I just did it yesterday with my best friend Suhani.

7 ) Taking pictures

…of everything. I love to take pictures and acting like a pro on the road. It’s fun playing around with your camera and snap beautiful moments that is happening around you. Acting like knowing so much about the right angels to take picture is also cool. LOL. Sometimes it makes you feel gahhhh.

8 ) Listen to music through earphone

and it is freaking out loud. I usually open to the maximum level as if anyone called me, I wouldn’t be notice them. Okay, I know it is not good for my ear and blablabla. But. It is kinda amazing to hear the music so loudly as we’re entering another new world and escape with the problems that is accumulated in our reality life. It’s really makes me rising.


9 ) Shawls

I buy shawls base on color, fabrics and size. I have many shawls in my closet and still counting to add in because I am so addicted with shawls. I just buy randomly from any shop without considering whether it is match with my clothes or not. It is so simple for me, and in case if it didn’t match with any dress, I will simply wear it with abaya. End of the story.


10) Myself

I love myself so much. If people say “I don’t mind what people think or say about me” it is very opposite to me. I care what people think of me because I care about myself. If people say something wrong, I will not just keep silence and say “Nevermind“. I will stand up and get back my dignity because I love myself more than you can imagine.