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Do you have Yahoo Messenger? Skype? MSN? or any other stuffs like that? Like seriously, I have them all but I rarely use it. This is the way I make them suffer.

I approve or add people into my friend list but I rarely online. I don’t know maybe I am unique that way or way too lazy to communicate with people. No. Don’t get me wrong. I do like talking with people and have a nice conversation…but my time is crazily limited to do things like that.

Things that I hate the most about having online chatting is I’M NOT INTERESTED.

  1. Firstly, I have to log in and type out my password. I just don’t like it tho.
  2. If I appear online, some not-so-cool people will send me a buzz or keep on calling me (in Skype) and they don’t know how to read people’s respond. If people ignore you, better you leave and stop nagging. Easy.
  3. If I appear offline, it is just fine with me. Nothing is incredible but people keep on asking “Why are you sneaking around here? Is there anyone disturbing you?” Keep on asking like I am doing a big sin if I go invisible.
  4. Talking nonsense and asking me the same questions, repeatedly. Like seriously I hate it so much. Okay, I am way too choosy cheesy when I want to talk with people. If people keep on speaking up the rubbish, I have no time to go on.
  5. My work will be interrupted if I chatting with people. Chatting is a process that consume at least one hour or more to me.
  6. Feeling like having a diarrhea when chatting with a stranger (male). I just try to be polite with people but when they want something more, they just drive me super mad. P/S: Usually my female friends will ignore me because their boyfriends are more tempting than me. You just can’t deny it girls.
  7. Lazy. This is the best reason yet the most correct one. I am lazy to go online.
Maybe only me think that chatting online is not fun at all. As a matter of fact, yes chatting online is sucks big time. Other than wasting my time, it’s also will make me addicted and stick with it like a lizard sticking on the wall.
There’s some exception that can still drag me to the heaven of chatting.
  1. Talking with funny people. This is the strongest reason that can make me lovin’ it and fingers lickin’ good to have an online chatting.
  2. Talking with people I like. Usually people who can give me knowledge, open my eyes and heart for something and talk something beneficial. I don’t talk craps. But sometimes I do when I madly feel bored.
  3. If I’m bored and need someone to talk with. If all my friends around me busy with their work and no one can be my victim, so I will surrender and open my Yahoo or Skype. Desperate friend.
So since the disadvantages is more than the advantages of chatting online, I decide to cancel all accounts for that sites. I am just using Facebook and WordPress, with lots of love.