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So this is about a last week story.

I was about to publish this post last few days but the internet connection is being so gay.


I still have few friends in the university. They didn’t go back to their hometown during this semester break. Since my home is not too far from the university, so I had decided to visit them.

So jungle here I come!

Before that, I asked my mom to bake a chocolate cake for my friends. my very first plan was I am the one who will bake for them. It’s kinda cool to give something to your friends from your own hands.

I told my mom that I want to do it by my own but she refused. I don’t know whether I am fortunately or unfortunately…because she said “If you want to do it, you will end up asking me how to do this and that…and at last, me is the one who finish the things up. So better if I start it and do it alone…

So this is one of the reason why I don’t go to the kitchen so much. Don’t blame me if I am not expert in the kitchen and can’t go duty at the galley. Mom knows I am lazy and she didn’t even force me to go and cook. Oh, so now I am blaming my mom. hehehe….Nope. She’s cool.

So here are the pictures.

This is a very yummy chocolate cake from my mom.

My brother and my niece are so mouth watering and a bit jakun.

And below are the stunning scenery taken in the Northern University of Malaysia

1) Gold field

2) Taman Rusa

Long way to heaven... hehe

This is a giant tree that remind me about Ala'a Shakatreh. -__-

Mom and brother.

Look, what I found here... katak mati keras!

and yes...me too have no idea about padok. What is PADOK?


On the way back to house, my brother started to make noise in the car. He started to feel bored and he kept on nagging me to story about him when he was a baby…. like how many times he cried per day…who loves him the most when my mom is not at home….what my grandma did when he cry…like blablabla.

At last, I ended up with a super chronic dehydrated because I talk so much. So I open Arabic song and he said it’s not cool. He asked me to story again and tell him more…and finally I ignore him.

After a while, I turn back and saw him……..

so pathetic.

yet so glamorous.




He lost in his own world. Dreamland.

Thank God finally the environment in the car became peaceful and blessed.