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Last few years, someone introduced me with B. Since that day, I feel like my days is fully occupied with happiness and it’s full of life. Like everything I see, I eat, I drink, I go…I will surely snap some pictures or at least I keep something to story to B. It was an awesome experience.

B is very cool to me. Like seriously. He never disappoint me. He always be with me no matter what. If I have a hard feeling and need someone to talk with, B will definitely be there for me.

But today, I already change my heart. It’s not like B cannot give me what I want or what I need. It’s just because of I am craving for more…Agak tamak bukan? Now, I have a new sweetheart which is W. It’s not William, no worry Kate. The things I mention is about WordPress and Blogspot.

Actually, both sites are the best. Both are great at handling what the users need. Both sites have their own uniqueness. Like in Blogspot, the users are free to play around with the HTML but that ability is limited in WordPress.

So here are some awesome thing that I discover from WordPress.

1) They have What’s Hot list. Alah, tak gah pun….tapi I like. Sometimes, I mean like everytime, I don’t read news. I don’t even get a chance to open Yahoo because I make Google search as a homepage.

2) Neat dashboard and everything is in one page. They also have a Quick Press on the dashboard but I don’t use it much. I more to open Add Post page as it is wider and more cool.

3) Freshly post is one of the best thing I found out interesting. The most splendid post will be featured here and you’ll get surprise to see million of hits on your page after that. The post is from all people from all walks of life. It’s worldwide, peeps!

4) WordPress also has a very neat calendar which I put it on the sidebar. If you roll on over it, you’ll see which date you post this including the title. It’s also work as an alarm to me if I leave my blog for a long time. Don’t worry, it didn’t make noise with the alarm ringtone, but it’s psychologically will work.

I have a lot more to describe about wordpress but time didn’t allow me to do so. * Okay, I confess I’m out of ideas on how to make a sweet talk about wordpress, unless if they pay me LOL* For now, my focus is more to online shopping which I still don’t make any decision to buy anything yet, after two days of searching.