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I’m home! It’s not really a big yaay as I am a bit university-sick. I really miss my best friends, my crowded room, my flooding bathroom, my neighbours (kak cik and uchuk)… In short, I miss the environment in the university. Seriously I miss to hear the annoying alarm song.

So I am home. I love my house very much. But to be more exact, I just spent a couple of days or even months being at home. I never stay at home for the rest of a year or two as I always being kicked out from my house. Nevermind.

What really makes me feel so happy everytime I’m home is of course my brother. A brother that I couldn’t find anywhere. He is the most excited person in the house to reunite with me.  The most mengada and most manja with me. Actually, the theory is very simple. Everytime I’m home, I will bring chocolates with me. And the equation is so simple as this:

Moots + Chocolates = Home

Him + Moots = Chocolates

Can you see the link? He is actually don’t miss me much as I imagine. The things that he needs is only the chocolates. But, it is also nevermind as long as I can squeeze his cheeks harshly without him crying, it always has been enough to me.

This is my little brother. He is growing up too fast. I missed the old time when he was a baby. -__-

He don't know how to do PEACE fingers.. and he took seconds to manage his fingers to do that.

A kinda homemade pizza. It's delicious but the cheese is too bit. I need more and moreeeee cheezy pizza.

Tomorrow I have a plan to go fishing with my old friend from college. Moots, fishing?! I know I have done a lot of outdoor things lately since I joined ROTU Navy, but…fishing is a thing I never tried before. Let’s do do do!