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It’s all about the cuteness overload theory. Throwing an English party is my biggest dream, like seriously. English style is evergreen, fresh, and very popular all over the world.

The most thing that really catch my eyes about this theme is the way they play with the color scheme. Pastel. My favorite color in 2011. The color is very soft and cold.

For every events, they’ll have a special invitation card to the guest. To make the party more real and alive, the invitation card cannot be neglected as it is the key to portrait your whole party. It is kinda first impression towards your event.

To every special events, it requires you to provide a door gift for the guest. It is a symbol of appreciation to the guest for spice up the occasion. Here are few cute things that I really interested with:

1) Music note and flower.

This is a very stunning vintage gift. It's a music note with a baby pink flower, tie up with a baby pin ribbon. It is just amazing! And it is just a low cost handmade gift.

ย 2) Cupcake

Cupcake is the most popular gift especially with the English party theme. However, you'll put yourself in dilemma when the decision has to be made. You will feel reluctant to eat it, because it way too cute to put in your mouth. But you'll end up feeling guilty not to eat after the evil fungus dominating your cupcake. -__-

ย 3) White rose

A single white rose never goes wrong with the English style.

4) Unique bird cage

A bird cage is also interesting. The cost is a bit too high and maybe you can't afford to give it to all the guests. Maybe you can choose to whom you want to give it like the VIP guest.

For the table decoration, it is not very hard to put it on fire. The concept is simple. You just need a white plates or cake stand. Fill in the cookies and cupcakes on the plate. Add in some pastel fresh flower on the table. The present of candles will make it more charming. The table cloth must be white or cream or any pastel color.

The uses of lights in the hall also play an important role. Don’t put the hall too dim or too bright. Just moderate and create the romantic mood inside the hall. It’s gonna be awesome!

So next year me and my friends will organize one annual grand dinner. We already propose this theme to our senior and hopefully they’ll accept it.

Can’t wait.