Hello buddies!

Yes, I am still alive. Unfortunately. And I also still have passion for blogging and writing.

About my previous abandoned blog, I am sorry for keeping it dusty just like that. Maybe I will stop posting from blogspot because I am now trying so hard to chilling with wordpress. It’s amazing. I was stuck up with so many things in the university especially after my half-military training had begun. *You should see my new supper tanning skin*


I am so sorry to all my peeps who always follow my updates especially from the blog. And sorry again to mess up with your blogroll or bloglist. You have to keep it updated okay or otherwise we’ll lost!

To Pern, my deepest sorry because you’ve just found out my missmoots.blogspot after the mootsharlow.blogspot….and now you have to change it again. I hope you will forgive me for this time….sigh.

To Mumu, I hope you still can count how many blogs I have had so far…. but thumbs up to you because you just only stick with one blog; from the beginning to the very end. And you are the reason why I’m blogging today. Hugs!

And have I tell anyone that my mom also read my blog? Today, I tell her that I will change to a new blog and she refuses it because she thinks the last blog is kinda awesome. Yes, she used to stalk me from my blog to see whether I wear properly or not, whether I switch a new boyfriend or not, whether I play a lot in the university or not… She enjoys it, like entirely too much. Haiii Umi. Haiiii.

So, I just want to inform every of you about my new blog.